Girl meets girls party on 7/29 20:00-22:00

Language&Friendship Meet up for ladies only! 女性のみ参加可能!国際&語学交流会

2016-07-09 19.48.53This event is Open for Ladies Only.


You looking for language partner or Friend?
You preferred it should be girl? this Event open for ladies only!
I talked my friend, she joined language exchange party. but most of joiner was a man.
she was looking for language partner for real , but guy tried to hit on her….

so this party is only open for Japanese or Non Japanese girls, so you dont worry about it.
If you are married, if you have a partner, take it easy to Join US!
are you new joiner at Tokyo? do you have real Japanese friend ? let find your Japanese soul mate ! they are here! if you dont use to be in International atmosphere, please join us, you may get great experience with New friend.

7/29 20:00-22:00 Roppongi directions

Non Japanese Ladies Entry fee
Prepaid User 1000 YEN (you just need prepaid)
Non Prepaid User 1300 YEN ( you pay at the day)

with 1 drink and Free Snacks!
we have Soft drink too, Have a fun!

We request Prepaid, you need to pay when you book event.
Prepaid is not refundable, if you do not sure to join,
Please do not book. just send me message.
You may join the event if seat is available 3 days before the event.

~Cancellation policy~
Our event require prepaid payment.
Prepaid payment is not Refundable. if you cancel after Prepaid, You can carry over to Next event or next month. If you cancel July event, You can carry over to August event. but you can not carry over to September event.

Non Japanese lady booking ↓
Book Appointment from Coubic


2016-07-09 19.32.22語学練習のパートナーや友達を探していて、それが同性(女性)だったらやりやすいな、という方向けです。この語学交流会は女性のみ参加可能です。


グループの方針は ”習うより、慣れろ” です。 なので20名程度の小規模のイベントをメインにします。それ以上だと私の経験上、イベントが大味になったり、一体感が失われてしまい、参加者同士でも温度差が出てしまうからです。 それよりもお互いの顔が見える現実的な交流を目指します!


先払料金の返金はできません。 もし興味はあるけど、参加できるか微妙、、、という方は

7月29日 20:00-22:00 六本木にて 会場情報

日本人女性参加料 参加料 
先払いした場合 1200円(先払1000円含む、イベント当日200円のみお支払いください)
先払いなしの場合 1700円 (イベント当日 全額お支払いください)
1ドリンク付き Freeでお菓子をご用意しております!