Lets Enjoy Tokyo life!!

This is NEW concept International match up Group.

Have you had experience as below, when you join other international party?

●Party joiner was all most Japanese even it said International party
●Party joiner was almost man, even you looking for girls friends.
●Too much party people was there, just crowed and noisy.
●some people too much drunk, some people ask you to join other uncertain group…. like those , real stranger was available in the party.

You dont real enjoy party, because of those reasons. That is why we set up New concept international match up group. those issue root cause is miss match and party volume.

so, Our party has different theme or concept every time like as…..

●Japanese night: if you want to learn or teach Japanese, join it, basally No English.
●English song karaoke night: if you want to karaoke English song, or , listing, just join.
●Ladies night, girls party: Only ladies can join, enjoy your girls talk.
●Mingle night: you should find new Destiny!
●sports night: watching baseball,foot ball, Olympic games, if you like watching those, join it!
we host Good mixing Japanese and Non Japanese party depends on the Theme. if you agree party concepts and you passd party requirement, please Join the party.

In my experience, around 20 people party is good enough to have good opportunity each other. you can have conversation other all joiner. Just you remain as be proactive. if you need our staff  will help you.  Please enjoy our relaxing  atmosphere.!

「just interested」is not good enough! Be more proactive!
lets have a real opportunity! have a fun!

membership is free! lets join us



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これらのような理由で、せっかく参加したのに楽しめない。。。そのようなことを避けるために、この交流会を作成しました。 これらの問題の原因は参加者のミスマッチと大人数制のパーティにあると考えました。


●日本語メインの交流会: 日本語を実践したい外国人とそれを手伝う日本人が対象
●洋楽カラオケナイト: 洋楽を歌いたい!もしくは聞きたい!っていう人たちが対象
●スポーツ観戦の夜: 野球、サッカー、その他オリンピック等スポーツ観戦好きの集い!等


会員登録は無料です 今すぐ登録しましょう!