This is Girls party, Only girls can join!


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You looking for language partner or Friend?
You preferred it should be girl? this group open for ladies only! I talked my friend, she joined language exchange party. but most of joiner was a man.
she was looking for language partner for real , but guy tried to hit on her….

so this party is only open for Japanese or Non Japanese girls, so you don’t worry about it. Girls hunter is not available . If you are married or you have a Partner, take it easy to join!


Do you learn Japanese?

nihongoDo you go Language School?
That is Really good. but if you are in the Only language school,
Do You speak Japanese a lot? Japanese class and Real Talking is slightly different. If you want to used to speak Japanese, Lets join us.

We host to match up you with Japanese ladies, who can support you to learn, to speak Japanese.
You can enjoy international Girls talking too!

Of course, Language is important, but still one on the communication tool. We support culture exchange. We should understand background of each other for Real Communication. We provide you many tips of Japan!

what is “Experience”? why you are here?

If you just “staying” in Japan, not so tough, you just need money. sometimes, it may be kind of just spending time.
but if you spend a time something more proactive, It called “Experience”

I am sure,It is  treasure of your life.

We are very happy to have “Japanese Experience” with you!
Why you are here? make it REAL!

Great opportunity with Free membership fee

Our membership is Free. after you join this group, you get event information. Event fee is around 1000 Yen with 1 drink. To be honest, This is really challenging price to me…..

but I would like to keep this price because party size and frequency.

Our event is around 20 joiner only. if joiner is too much, you don’t really enjoyed, just crowed and noisy. We set up real face to face match up

We plan to have Girls party every month, you can have many chance to join. I hope you keep to join couple of time, sometimes, Once is not good enough for real relationship.

in case of you want to learn language, You used to be speaking. it be required couple of time joining.

that is why I try to keep challenging price.

fortunately, We got great feedback

  • I met new friend, glad to see you! (Non Japanese Lady)
  • I had great international chatting! (Japanese Lady)
  • Thank you for organizing a nice event!! I’m looking forward to next event. (Non Japanese Lady)
  • That night was my first participation for Meetup event. I was little nervous ,but somehow enjoyed atmosphere. I wish I could stay bit longer and make friends with the girls who were still there. I felt I feel like enjoying next event. (Japanese Lady)

If you want share great atmosphere, Join us. I am sure, you enjoy it.

Dont miss your great international opportunity! have a fun!

Join our group


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